Evergreen E15

The higher American Ethanol blend
almost anyone can use.

If your vehicle is 2001 or newer, E15 is a great new fuel choice for you!

What is E15?

A blend of 15% American Ethanol and 85% ordinary unleaded gasoline.

Who can fill up with E15?

Any standard passenger vehicle model year 2001 or newer is approved to use E15.  This includes cars, SUVs, vans and pickups.

Why use E15?

E15 will typically be priced even lower than the E10 you’ve probably been using-so you’ll save money at the pump.  You’ll enjoy a bit of an octane boost.  And you’ll help further reduce toxic tailpipe emissions thanks to the higher level of clean-burning, renewable American Ethanol in the fuel!

Where can I find E15?

New flex fuel pumps offering E15 are popping up all over Nebraska. Some 80 new flex fuel pumps are being added across the state in the next few months-and all of them will offer E15 as well as higher blends for flex fuel vehicles.