Fuel the Cure During October!


Fill up with higher American Ethanol blends and help fund breast cancer research in Nebraska!

During October, when you fill up with higher blends of American Ethanol—from E15 to flex-fuel E85—your participating retailer will contribute 3¢ per gallon to breast cancer research at the Fred and Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

Visit a participating retailer near you during October to help FUEL THE CURE!


CityStationAddressHigher Ethanol Blends Offered
ADAMSFrontier Cooperative200 7th StreetUNL88 (E15), E30, E85
AINSWORTHCenex Ampride C-Store409 E 4th StreetE85
AURORAA-Stop (Aurora Coop)2530 Harvest DriveUNL88 (E15), E30, E85
AURORAAurora Co-op Service Center1318 M StreetUNL88 (E15), E85
CLAY CENTERCenex Premier Stop404 N Center StreetUNL88 (E15)
CREIGHTON59 Express409 Main StreetE30, E85
CROFTONLewis & Clark Mini Mart89001 Hwy 121E30, E85
DAVID CITYRB's Corner Stop405 D Street, Hwy 15E20, E30, E85
ELGINElgin One Stop501 N 2nd StreetUNL88 E15, E30, E85
FRIENDQwik 61535 1st StreetUNL88 (E15), E85
FUNKCPI Cooperative111 Anderson StreetUNL 88 (E15)
GILTNERCPI Cooperative605 Giltner SpurUNL 88 (E15), E30, E85
GRAND ISLANDA-Stop4155 E Hwy 30UNL88 (E15), E30, E85
GRANTAurora Co-op76195 N Hwy 61UNL88 (E15), E30, E85
HARTINGTONStop N Go605 N RobinsonUNL88 (E15)
HASTINGSA-Stop (Aurora Coop)4965 E South StreetUNL88 (E15), E30, E85
JUNIATACPI Cenex208 East 14th StreetUNL88 (E15), E30, E40, E85
LINCOLNSapp Bros6001 Cornhusker HwyE85
MILLIGANHwy 41 Express Stop1200 Road 24E30, E85
MINDENAurora Co-op1185 33rd RoadUNL88 (E15), E30, E85
OMAHAAnderson Convenience Market2630 S 140th StreetE85
OMAHASapp Bros9905 Sapp Bros DriveUNL88 (E15), E85
OSMONDOsmond Mini Mart202 East Hwy 20UNL88 (E15), E30, E85
PIERCETom's Service332 East MainUNL88 (E15), E30, E85
PILGERPilger Pride405 W 1st StreetE30, E85
RANDOLPHCardinal Express518 W BroadwayUNL88 (E15), E30, E85
SCOTTSBLUFFPanhandle Co-op401 Beltline Hwy WestE85
SOUTH SIOUX CITYPony Express1501 Stable DriveUNL88 (E15), E85
ST. PAULAurora Co-op614 Second StreetUNL88 (E15), E30, E85
WINNEBAGOPony Express137 Hwy 77UNL88 (E15), E20, E30, E85
YORKA-Stop1320 Road LUNL88 (E15), E30, E85